If your hosting company offers live chat support, you are able to speak with a representative in real-time and learn useful information or get a problem resolved in a timely manner. The advantage of using chat compared to calling to talk with a live person is that you'll need only a computer with access to the web, so that you will not pay any charges if you're in another country or state. In addition, it'll be simpler to copy and paste info for instance domains, usernames or error messages i.e. details that are sometimes difficult to provide to the other party on the phone. The real-time chat is also a much quicker approach to contact the web hosting company's support team in comparison to using a ticketing system. What's more, when some issue needs a little more time to be resolved, you can do something else entirely while you wait for support on the live chat, therefore you will not waste time - something that's not possible when you are on the phone.
Live Chat Support in Cloud Hosting
As part of the support services that we provide for our Linux cloud hosting, we have live chat support which is online all the time, even on holidays. You can get in touch with us regardless of whether you already have an account or not, as we will support you with all kinds of things, ranging from supplying you with common info on our services in case you are not our customer yet and you are considering to purchase one of our packages, to helping you with installing an email account in an e-mail client. A part of the problems are more complex and time-consuming, so you'll have to employ the ticketing system which is integrated in the Hepsia hosting Control Panel, but we can save you precious time and assist you in real time on our live chat for a lot of things.
Live Chat Support in Semi-dedicated Hosting
The live chat support service that we provide is online every single day, even on weekends and holidays. It's the most effective way to learn more about our semi-dedicated services if you do not have an account yet or to get a problem resolved if you are a customer and our customer support representatives will assist you instantly regardless of the time of the day you join our chat. In case you wonder which package is more suitable for your sites, if you need a piece of advice whether you should order a certain upgrade and how to order it or if you've got problems installing an email account on your computer system, you will be able to get in touch with us and we will give you the required details quickly. Our live chat is available even after our telephone lines go off for the day, which means that when you have an account with us, you can be sure that you'll always enjoy prompt help with any kind of question or trouble that shows up.