The 2 most widespread reasons to get a web server of your own are when a shared web hosting account cannot handle the load of the sites hosted in it or if the Internet sites demand specific software to be operating on the machine, but it cannot be installed on a shared server. In these cases you can get your own server, but this entails that you'll be in control of its maintenance, which is not the situation with a shared website hosting server where the hosting company carries out everything. In this light, we have developed a Managed Services upgrade, which may be added to any of our web server plans if you do not have the time or the capabilities to deal with your machine. Our system admins will install and troubleshoot software, update your OS and more as to give you the chance to focus on building your websites as opposed to managing different maintenance tasks.
Managed Services Package in VPS Hosting
If you'd like to use our optional upgrade, you can add it with several clicks to any of our VPS hosting either when you order the package or through your billing account at any time later. As our system is quite flexible, you shall be able to renew the upgrade for as long as you require it and it'll not be added permanently to the virtual private server package. The Managed Services upgrade features a wide range of things including a full weekly backup of your web server, monitoring and restarting the VPS if some predicament occurs, Operating System updates to ensure that you have the most current security patches and set up and troubleshooting of third-party scripts that aren't offered by our firm. The last option includes half an hour of custom work from our professionals, which is ample for just about any task irrespective of its difficulty. With this upgrade, you will not have to concern yourself with technical problems which you may encounter even if you have never used a VPS before.
Managed Services Package in Dedicated Web Hosting
If you add this package to any one of the Linux dedicated hosting services we offer, you'll be able to use the most efficient sort of hosting even in case you have no preceding experience given that our admins can help you with virtually every task. You can do this when you sign up or via your billing area later and you could determine if you will keep the upgrade at all times or if you shall include it only when you require it. The Managed Services bundle includes fifty Gigabytes of backup space on an independent hosting server, so we can restore your info if something fails after a software update, one example is. Our administrators will update the OS you have picked out for the hosting server, thus you will have stable and secure software environment all the time. They shall also keep track of the machine 24/7 and restart it if necessary. Last, but not least, they're able to help you to set up or troubleshoot any software from a third-party vendor if you experience any issues, so you can get competent assistance and a speedy resolution as opposed to wasting time and efforts yourself.