We’ve developed several Advanced Resources accessible for you without spending a dime using the TronLite Web Services Website Control Panel! They are ideal for web–developers or for online marketers who need to manage their web hosting environment by themselves. It’s easy to create an .htaccess file, change the PHP release for one’s web hosting account, change the php.ini file, set up diverse automatic tasks and applications, plus much more!

Virtually all Advanced Resources adhere to the layout pattern in our Website Control Panel, making them really easy to use.

Hotlink Protection

Safeguard yourself from bandwidth theft

Any time you make authentic website content for your site, you should shield it from individuals who desire to use it devoid of your authorization. For this purpose, we have integrated a distincti defensive tool in the TronLite Web Services Website Control Panel. TronLite Web Services’s Hotlink Protection tool was compiled to guard all the graphics within your site from being used in different publications without having your permission.

The tool is admittedly easy–to–navigate, with no settings necessary at all. All you need to perform is just choose which domain name to safeguard and initialize the service.

Hotlink Protection

.htaccess generator

Auto creation of .htaccess files

At TronLite Web Services, you will get accessibility to the .htaccess file of your respective website, so you will make as much modifications as you would like. Adding just a couple of lines to the settings file, you can route your website to another url, or establish security password defense for a picked folder, and so on.

When using the effective .htaccess Generator in the Website Control Panel, you don’t need to possess any know–how about .htaccess files. Merely show the tool what you would like to carry out and for which website, and after that click the Save button. TronLite Web Services’s smart platform will generate the .htaccess file on your behalf within seconds.

.htaccess Generator

IP blocking

Stop harmful IPs from your website

If you need to block a spammer from your website, an online troll in your discussion forum or a a group of IPs flooding your site, you ought to take full advantage of our uncomplicated IP blocking tool. It allows anyone to quickly obstruct an IP address or even a a full IP array from ever interacting with your site.

Our IP Blocking tool is really quick. All you should actually do is type in, the IP address (or addresses) that you like to bar and then click the action button. All IPs you’ve selected can be block for good immediately.

IP Blocking