In the TronLite Web Services web hosting control panel you’ll see an uncomplicated website building tool that you can utilize to generate a new, beautiful website all by yourself. It’s actually easy and simple to understand, even if you are not technologically adept. The tool offers a lot of design themes available in numerous color configurations that you could tweak up to your liking. Also, your website will appear perfect on phones, tablets and computers!

The website building tool is present with all Linux cloud hosting, VPS hosting, semi-dedicated services, and Linux dedicated hosting services plans which are sold with the TronLite Web Services Website Control Panel.

An easy–to–use website building tool

No web development background is required

The website building tool packed with the TronLite Web Services interface is pretty handy. It permits you to build your own unique website with plain point&click actions. There is no need to learn HTML, CSS or other web development language. If you’ve already worked with a web app or perhaps a text editing application, you’ll know how to employ the website building tool.

From the tool’s dashboard, you can drag–n–drop page elements the way you like and customize them with a mouse click. Also, you can embed images, videos, and even your own discussion board, etc. in almost no time at all.

Easy-to-use Site Builder

An array of fully customizable site designs

Attractive site templates that look flawless across mobile devices

Using the website building tool, you will have access to a set of free templates for all sorts of websites like individual pages, ecommerce stores, community portals, and so on.

Every website template can be found in different layout schemes and features a number of color setups. Additionally, you will gain access to a decent library of licensed photos and will have the option to select from more than a hundred fonts for your website. Each theme is fit for mobile devices. Should you wish to replace a chosen theme, you can do that with only a click. All of the pages and edits you’ve made will be carried over.

An array of fully customizable site designs